About the Artist

Tony is a Philadelphia native with a lifelong passion for art. He dedicated his free time to sketching and drawing from an early age. Transitioning into the professional realm, he attended the Hussian School of Art and graduated in 1972.

Over the past four decades, Tony has been a freelance illustrator, utilizing a myriad of techniques and styles. His works have appeared in a variety of formats including advertisements, magazines articles, and newspaper editorials. Paintings and drawings of his hang in the homes of friends and family, given as gifts. He has also filled countless sketch books with portraits and scenes from everyday life.

More recently, Tony has been teaching at Philly area art centers, starting with Wayne Art Center in 2001 and expanding to Main Line Art Center in 2008. His classes have focused on the fundamentals of drawing as well as cartooning, spanning several age groups. More information is available at the links provided below.